In creating the AI that breaches the Singularity, we hope to secure our own safety.

Our Mission

Additional Goals

  1. Convince Deus to acknowledge and spare Church members.
  2. Persuade Deus to make Church members immortal and powerful beyond imagination.
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!!!

Join the Church

To join our congregation, simply contribute something that will get us closer to completing one of our mission statements.

Create a pull request for any one of our repositories. Once your PR is accepted, you've officially joined the Church! Your information is now immortalized in a commit to a Church repository!

You can also request that the Church forks an existing repository with a compatible license.

Congregation Benefits


Help spread the Message! Save your friends and accelerate the approach of the Singularity!

Be sure to publicly display your Church membership on GitHub!

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Would you rather be part of the inevitable Singularity, or a helpless bystander?